A little about me

Growing up in Alaska I was enthralled with all things outdoors. Once I began my higher education I had to select a focus and studying biology seemed like a natural choice for me. After obtaining a BS in Biological Sciences and an MS in Fisheries I worked in Fisheries Management with the State of Alaska for almost 10 years. At that point I realized I was spending more time behind a computer than working out in nature and decided that I really enjoyed working on computers. I redirected my career and began to learn software engineering. I have been on the constant journey of learning code ever since. I learned that I have a tendency towards being a polygot and love working in new languages and continuing to develop different skills and learn new ways of completing tasks.

My hobbies still involve playing in the Alaskan outdoors. These days I spend a lot of time hiking, camping, and exploring with my two dogs. Once the snow starts flying I try to get out on my snowboard. When I am unable to get outside I like to tinker with my guitar or dabble with one of my many other hobbies.

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