Divvy / Bill

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Software Engineer

Worked as a full-stack software engineer intern for Divvy as it transitioned through acquisition by Bill. Focused on the Divvy software and prepared the software for integration with Bill accounting software.

  • Wrote customer facing production code using Javascript, React, React Native, Elixir and GraphQL.
  • Built instructional components leading to a 10% increase in number of customer payments that include correct account information.
  • Refactored mobile components for readability and adherance to the DRY principle.
  • Refactored functions to eliminate n + 1 queries by using Absinthe and Ecto to batch function calls.
  • Created migrations, schemas, resolvers, and changesets for bank account information and wrote mutations for manually syncing integrated accounts.
  • Wrote test functions using Jest and Elixir to ensure test coverage met or exceeded Divvy standards and identified areas of application where testing needed to be increased.
  • Collaborated with agile scrum team contributing to continuous integration continuous development workflow (CICD).
  • Performed code reviews to improve code function, reliability, and adherance to Divvy web standards.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

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Fisheries Biologist

Monitored, analyzed, and reported stock sizes for various marine commercial fish species. Coordinated marine surveys and survey equipment. Managed crew of 5-7 at sea during field collections.

  • Visualized, designed, deployed, and troubleshot novel data collection software programs that led to a 50% decline in data entry errors and data processing time.
  • Monitored software functionality in deployed environments and tracked user experiences to direct future development.
  • Designed and implemented data analysis tools using the R framework connected to a PostgreSQL database providing biologists with fast and reliable data access.
  • Prepared, analyzed, and presented stock status data to managers.